Web Developer &
              Digital Designer


Jake Arciniega

I'm extremely passionate by nature. I've always challenged myself to excel and become proficient from visual and hands-on learning. These are the traits that created my intellectual art and technical persona. Being highly motivated and creatively dynamic is what makes me a great candidate for your company or freelance project.

Bachelors of Arts
Interactive Media & Web Design
Lindenwood University 2018


What I Do.


I create simple design graphics and layouts for small or large businesses. Utilizing brand identity through design is vital for recognition


I have 13 years of experience with cinematography and visual editing. I've created advertisments, short films, and public service announcements.


I've worked on almost every platform to create and develop websites. I create digital content using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Wordpress is another great option!


Planning or small or large projects that requires the users date and habbits are implemented into the User Interface for developement and design. I've worked on small and large projects which perfect the complete User Experience.

Web Content Specialist
Wells Fargo Advisors
St. Charles, MO

Aug. 18' - Present

• Coordinated with brand strategy to enhance advisor-to-client research
• Published daily market updates using SDL content management system
• Created newly designed pages with SDL components to condense content
• Drafted layout mockups to develop and deliver an improved menu navigation
• Implemented existing pages, data, and web flow to advance current UX

Web Developer
& Project Lead

St. Charles, MO

Aug. 15' - May '18

• Meet with clients to present templates, wireframes, and sign contracts
• Manage design team members to create, develop, and assign content
• Organize content, backups, and communicate online with Basecamp
• Execute HTML, CSS, jQuery, and JS in Bootstrap & HTML5 frameworks
• Redesigned Firm website & created complete design guide for developers

Web Developer
& Graphic Designer

No Hurt Shirt Co.
Traverse City, MI

Aug. 17' - Present

• Meet with client to present ideas, gather content, and vision for design
• Formulate legal contract and timeline for product design and branding
• Create and design logos & graphics utilizing modern design elements
• Presented and completed a total of eight designs including brand identity
• Developed Ecommerce website with essential plugins, CSS, PHP, and JS

Web Developer
& Project Lead

Yellow Butterfly
St. Louis, MO

Jan. 18' - Present

• Meet with client to present ideas, gather content, and vision for design
• Formulate contract and timeline for a complete marketing campaign
• Manage design team members to create, develop, and assign work
• Coordinated the design of a complete promotional marketing project
• Developed complete WordPress website as a donation post-contract